What is SFJ Awards and why is it so important?

What is SFJ Awards and why is it so important?

It takes a matter of minutes to find out how clean a hotel room is or how close it is to the nearest train station. Yet, the level of security is almost impossible to find. With high profile attacks on hotels in recent years, hotel security has never been more crucial.

Security information is incredibly important to the individual traveller, corporates, hotels and travel management companies. Hence, it’s surprising to know that until now, hotel security could not be assessed against an independently recognised standard. Although other hotel security assessments do exist, GSA is the only global independent hotel security accreditation programme in partnership with SFJ Awards.


What is SFJ Awards?

SFJ Awards is a UK government approved global standards awarding organisation that assesses and awards accreditations independently. SFJ’s role in managing the GSA assessment and accreditation process ensures that hotel security accreditation is a trusted and transparent, risked based security assurance system, delivered to a consistent standard globally.

How can that benefit you?


  • If a hotel has been GSA accredited, it provides additional assurance and peace of mind that there is an additional layer of independent security assessment of a consistently high standard.
  • Hotels that have been accredited will enable a corporate to fulfil an element of the new ISO (31030) Travel Risk Management standard, concerning independent assessments of hotels and provide additional assurance to the safety and security of their travelling staff.
  • Reduces requirements for security personnel to security assess the corporate programme of hotels.


  • The accreditation provides a formal, independent acknowledgement of its excellent level of security measures, increasing opportunity for additional business from corporate travel bookers, high profile guests and event organisers.
  • Reduces manpower requirements to manage corporate RFP programmes and visits.
  • The GSA standard is a means of differentiation in the key area of security, allowing hotels to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs)

  • Having independent accreditation security standards creates a consistency across hotels, even in high risk countries.
  • You can reduce your workload by removing the need to send security questionnaires to accredited hotels and be assured they are delivering their duty of care.


GSA is unique as a formal assessment and accreditation process delivered through a global network of experienced, trained and accredited former law enforcement and military professionals. Our partnership with SFJ Awards guarantees reliable, world class security assurance.