Checking in to a post-COVID world

Checking in to a post-COVID world

The invisible threat of COVID-19 has sent shockwaves through the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Many hotels have faced exceptional turmoil, with a stream of closures and job losses. The Prime Minister has, however, announced 4 July as the proposed date for the UK hospitality sector to return and travel bosses predict holidays abroad could restart within weeks.

Hotels need to be ready and responsive to the upcoming opportunities in a post-COVID world. Before the pandemic, some of the biggest risks to hotel security were theft and cybercrime. In these unprecedented times, hotels are confronted with the potential of a new and unwelcome intruder on their premises: COVID-19.


Re-open and reassure

Hotels’ definition of safety and security is changing rapidly in response to the pandemic, putting a greater focus on hygiene and health security. Being able to demonstrate to guests and corporate buyers that a hotel meets best practice guidance on hygiene and health protection in the post-COVID-19 period will be critical to businesses that have already lost more than one third of a years’ revenues.

GSA’sCOVID-19 Risk: Pandemic Level Hygiene and Health Security Certification gives hotels, their staff and their guests the confidence to open the doors once more. Through a structured remote engagement with hotel management we seek evidence that the hotel has managed plans and processes to maintain hygiene standards and operational processes. We present that evidence with our expert recommendation to our regulator, SFJ Awards, for certification to provide guests, staff, and corporate clients with independent assurance that a hotel is safe to stay at.

The independently assessed audit is there to reassure guests that the hotel is taking all practicable steps to stop the virus entering the hotel, limit any ability for a virus to spread within the hotel and has an action plan in the event of any suspicious health threat while delivering the best possible experience for guests.


The certification has three main strands: 

  • Prevent: preventing Covid-19 entering the hotel by establishing a ‘health security perimeter’ around the hotel boundary.
  • Respond: maintaining strict and proactive hygiene regimes in all areas of the hotel which recognises that no prevention mechanism is infallible and that a continuous effort is required to ensure a hygienic environment within the ‘health security perimeter’.
  • Reassure: establishing and maintaining the policies, processes, and procedures to demonstrate to prospective users of the hotel (including guests, visitors, staff, and suppliers) that the environment is, and remains, safe.


As we navigate through these uncertain times, GSA is here to support hotels so they can welcome their guests to safe and secure environments once more.

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