Hoteles City Express awarded Certificate of International Good Practice

Hoteles City Express awarded Certificate of International Good Practice

Founded in 2002, Hoteles City Express has 151 hotels across Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile. The brand specializes in offering high-quality, comfortable and safe lodging at affordable prices and attracts predominantly domestic business travellers.

In response to Covid-19, the hotel chain has strengthened its cleaning protocols to ensure guests feel safe during their stay. Global Secure Accreditation recently awarded Hoteles City Express Ebc Reforma, Mexico City with the Certificate of International Good Practice for demonstrating it has designed and implemented the necessary policy, process and procedures to help prevent and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 within its establishments.


Safety assurance

Luis Rodríguez, Supply Chain Manager at Hoteles City Express said: “Today travellers seek to feel comfortable but above all safe when they stay. Conveying to guests that they are staying in rooms and hotels that have incorporated high standards of disinfection and cleaning, always taking care of even the smallest spaces, is key to achieving better room occupancy.”

Speaking of the importance of the certification, Luis said: “Europe presented itself as a continent that knew how to manage and control the pandemic; both their practices and resources made us see that they were a few steps ahead. This helped us to see the importance of the certification – to show City Express Hotels is on the front foot, offering all travellers the best lodging option in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Chile.”


GSA’s approach

Hoteles City Express demonstrated a successful, comprehensive plan for enhanced hygiene and health protection which incorporated well considered processes and procedures across all hotel operations. The practices included:

  • Effective implementation of local governments’ guidance or regulations
  • Competent risk identification, control and monitoring systems led from the top down
  • Check-in to check-out process control
  • Staff training/engagement
  • Effective guidance for guests, suppliers, contractors, and visitors to support stringent hygiene requirements
  • Enhanced incident management protocols
  • Enhanced food, beverage, and amenity management
  • Rigorous back of house procedures
  • Detailed action plans for containment in the event of a related health incident at the premises

Global Secure Accreditation’s Certificate of Good Practice is independently verified by UK regulated Awarding Organisation, SFJ Awards. For more information on our Certificate of Good Practice, click here.

By working together and implementing robust hygiene and health safety strategies, the global hospitality industry can ensure its guests feel confident to visit once more.