BOOTCAMP: Understanding and Implementing ISO 31030

BOOTCAMP: Understanding and Implementing ISO 31030

The launch of ISO 31030 came at a pivotal time for business travel. The uncertainty brought on by Covid-19 threw traveller wellbeing firmly under the spotlight. Now, corporations and travel risk managers have greater responsibility and accountability to keep their employees safe when travelling for business.

It is therefore important to understand the guidance set out in ISO 31030 and know how to implement it into organisations’ travel risk management policies.


Contextualising ISO 31030

ISO 31030 establishes clear guidelines for assessing risks related to travel – whether physical, hygiene or cyber related – and how to manage and benchmark those risks. It removes the guesswork and provides clarity in an area that has never been more critical for companies and their travellers.

The ISO 31030 standard is complex and raises important issues for companies.  If not properly considered, companies can risk legal and financial consequences. Simply ignoring the guidance may not be a sufficient excuse if complications arise during an employee’s trip.

That is why we have set up Bootcamp sessions in association with The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) that give travel risk managers a more concrete understanding of ISO 31030: Travel Risk Management Bootcamp: Understanding and Implementing ISO31030.


What does the course entail?

The bootcamp, held virtually over two consecutive afternoons, is led by our travel risk management experts. The course is designed to give practical guidance to anyone involved in building and managing corporate travel programs and help them gain the tools and confidence to update and/or create a robust system within their organisation.


What will I gain from the programme?

Our experts can directly answer your questions about ISO 31030 and provide bespoke advice on how to apply this knowledge to your organisation, as well as share tips on how to identify any gaps in travel risk management policies, practices and procedures. Attending the training will earn a GBTA Travel Risk Management certificate and six credits towards your GTP status, plus you will be able to demonstrate duty of care to your staff.

The course is productive and interactive, allowing you to study with industry peers and learn from each other’s experiences and perspectives. You will also receive a ready-to-use workbook of templates to help create the systems and processes discussed in the course within your organisation.


Hear from the experts

Jan Feenstra, Country Manager at The Netherlands & North Europe for Delta Air Lines, attended the training: “The Travel Risk Management Bootcamp is well organized, presented in an appealing and entertaining way. The step-by-step approach and interactive “translation” from content to action helps to better understand potential dangers, impact and consequences. Notwithstanding 45+ years in tourism and the airline industry, the bootcamp offered me valuable new insights.”

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