Event preview: Accelerate – ITM Conference 2022

Event preview: Accelerate – ITM Conference 2022

Our team of travel risk experts are attending this year’s Institute of Travel Management (ITM) Conference from Wednesday 27th – Thursday 28th April to help kickstart the discussion around ISO 31030 – the new international standard for travel risk management.

The new standard has, and will continue to, impact business travel, so it is important for organisations to understand how travel risk management policies stack up against the new standard, as well as the importance of ensuring corporate duty of care – particularly in terms of accommodation.

This year’s conference will have a specific focus on business travel recovery post-Covid-19. The theme, Accelerate, aims to inspire conversations around what the business travel industry can do to speed up recovery in an evolving and unpredictable post-Covid world.

Setting a benchmark for best practice

The rollout of ISO 31030 has set new standards in organisational risk management for employees when they travel for work. The standard covers several discrete aspects of a travel risk management programme, including:

  • Scope and organisational context
  • Managing travel risk
  • Travel risk assessment
  • Travel risk treatment
  • Communication and consultation
  • Programme monitoring and review
  • Programme recording and reporting

ISO 31030 contains valuable and practical guidance on managing risk profiles and reducing potential threats, along with advice on how to best prepare for these circumstances. The standard considers specific elements of business travel including the booking process, the travel route, the destination, and the selection of safe, secure accommodation.

The impact of ISO 31030 on business travel

The standard is relevant to every organisation around the world, large and small, arguably even more so, with an influx in employee wellbeing concerns following Covid-19 putting personal health and safety in the spotlight.

Despite a heightened awareness and sharp focus on safety and security in travel, many professionals are in the dark about ISO 31030. A recent survey from Business Travel Show Europe found that more than 50 percent of travel bookers, buyers and managers are still yet to act on the guidance in ISO 31030. Only 16 percent of respondents were actively revising their policies to meet the new standard.

Accelerating compliance

Organisations need to consider both the values and the risks surrounding ISO 31030. The guidance is an asset to corporations looking to fulfil their due diligence and ignoring the guidance can risk legal and financial consequences in the future.

To fully understand what it means to be ISO 31030 compliant, stop by our booth at the ITM Conference. Click here for more information on the conference.