About CitySuites

CitySuites is a luxury aparthotel provider based exclusively in Manchester. Its serviced apartments range from studio to family-sized and come fully equipped with kitchen, king-sized bed, and impressive interiors.

Because CitySuites understands the importance of earning industry-recognised accreditation (it has achieved ISAAP Building Accreditation for five consecutive years), following the launch of ISAAP’s Security Assessment for Serviced Accommodation Standard – realised thanks to GSA’s expertise –  the company was approached to become one of the first participants in the new security accreditation scheme.

ISAAP explained to CitySuites that the recently published ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management standard would cause corporate clients to reassess their approach when selecting accommodation for business-travelling employees. CitySuites believed it could demonstrate its commitment to high levels of guest security and safety by undertaking ISAAP’s Security Accreditation to identify and mitigate any risks.

The issue

The challenge was how to develop a security assessment scheme that could be delivered to the entire serviced accommodation provider community – spanning corporate housing, executive suites, serviced apartments, short-term rentals, and aparthotels.

The approach

ISAAP investigated and evaluated the diverse property portfolio to develop relevant assessment standard products. This was achieved during Q4 2021 after visiting providers and pinpointing the key differences that would eventually shape the assessment standard.

Three distinct types of providers were identified and made ready for market:


This property was recognised as being sufficiently similar to a hotel, so only a few minor adjustments were made to the hotel security assessment standard.

Residential block

This is different to an aparthotel: there are no staff on site, no concessions or “hotel-type” facilities, and would likely not be brand promoted.

Serviced Apartments in shared buildings

A provider operating this business model would typically have a proportion of the apartment units in a block and may operate across several blocks in various cities, perhaps in numerous countries.

Being an Aparthotel, CitySuites enrolled in the ISAAP Secure Serviced Accommodation Accreditation scheme.

ISAAP’s MD, Stephen Martin, oversaw the onsite portion of the assessment process for both the building accreditation (ISAAP) and the security assessment (GSA). This first-hand experience allowed Stephen to understand how the services impacted CitySuites and identify any duplications in the two processes.     

The result

CitySuites was a part of the first batch of participants for ISAAP’s Secure Serviced Accommodation Accreditation. Upon completion of an action plan drawn up by the GSA assessor, the company successfully received its accreditation award in early November 2022.

Speaking of the process, Gavin Bailey, Operations Director, said: “ISAAP and GSA’s approach was highly professional throughout the process. The qualitative feedback and recommendations from its assessors have helped us refine our approach to safety, quality and security – all critical components in enhancing the guest experience.”

CitySuites has updated its website to include its ISAAP accreditation and linked back to ISAAP’s website so that corporate and leisure clients can see its commitment to safety and security.