Industry still alarmingly unaware of ISO 31030

Industry still alarmingly unaware of ISO 31030

In a recent survey conducted by BCD Travel, it was found that 75 percent have very little or no knowledge of ISO 31030.

What is ISO 31030?

ISO 31030 is an international risk management standard designed to guide organisations on best practice around travel risk management. It considers all aspects of corporate travel – from pre-trip planning and accommodation to emergency handling and post-trip mental health checks – to ensure corporations deliver on their duty of care obligations.

Having been around for a few years now, it is surprising to see that a majority of people have little to no knowledge of ISO 31030. Alarmingly, the survey conducted by BCD Travel revealed only 14 percent of travel buyers have actually read ISO 31030.

The findings also revealed that 45 percent of companies provide no post-trip support, with 30 percent of respondents claiming to have only received a follow up checking if a security or medical incident occurred during the trip. It is clear that companies need to urgently improve their travel risk management processes and procedures to better support their travelling employees.

How we can help

We help organisations understand whether their current policies and travel risk management processes comply with ISO 31030 through assessing existing policies and procedures as well as providing support in implementing necessary changes to meet the standard’s requirements.

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