GSA scoops ITM Achievement Award

GSA scoops ITM Achievement Award

Our work around fostering effective travel risk management in the wake of ISO31030 was recognised recently at this year’s ITM Achievement Awards, where we were honoured with the prestigious Game Changer Team Award. The award recognises the exceptional drive, bold approach, and confidence to overcome a particular company, client or industry challenge.

Travel risk management is a critical component of the business travel process. Yet, despite its importance, there has been little advice or guidance around what constitutes great travel risk management. However, the recent publication of ISO 31030 has established a global standard for corporations to work from.

Understanding the vital role ISO 31030 plays, Global Secure Accreditation introduced the ISO 31030 Readiness Assessment and Audit, an innovative initiative enabling organisations to benchmark their travel risk management policies against the ISO standard. ISO 31030 offers guidance on managing risk profiles and minimising possible threats throughout the travel process.

To help organisations align with this standard, GSA’s Assessment & Audit evaluates TRM documentation, conducts interviews with personnel, and delivers an independent audit to ensure the key markers have been achieved. By utilising this assessment, companies gain invaluable insights into their TRM policies and receive guidance on measures needed to achieve compliance. With the ISO 31030 Readiness Assessment & Audit, companies display a clear commitment to delivering  on their duty of care requirements to travelling employees, assuring employees that their well-being is of the utmost importance.

GSA has taken proactive steps to promote the importance of aligning with ISO 31030 among key stakeholders. Collaborating with leading law firm Peters & Peters, GSA organised an event that highlighted the legal and reputational risks of non-compliance. GSA also hosted an informative breakfast event for travel managers, featuring acclaimed travel writer Simon Calder, who emphasised the risks and challenges associated with business travel.

The introduction of ISO 31030 has meant corporations have had to look more closely at their existing TRM policies and procedures – a process which is often time consuming and costly.  That is why GSA’s ISO 31030 Readiness Assessment & Audit has emerged as a real game-changer for the industry. By assessing companies against industry benchmarks, GSA encourages organisations put employee safety at the heart of their operations by identifying and mitigating risks during business travel,

In ITM’s words, GSA has effectively solved a number of key challenges for travel buying organisations and, in doing so, ensured they can take the very best care of their employees whilst travelling for business. Non-compliance to new regulations represents significant legal and reputational risk and this team has taken an industry leading role to explain how exposures can be understood and subsequently minimised. A once scary subject matter can now be confidently managed due to the work of its talented team.”