About Accreditation

What we do

There are many options for people wanting information on the quality of a hotel, its restaurant, its cleanliness or the courtesy of its staff.  However, information on a hotel’s security policies, practices and track record is almost impossible to find.  Yet 89% of travellers consider security their first concern when travelling.


GSA is the first independent, global assessment and audit scheme for hotels.  It delivers:


  • An honest and independent assessment of a hotel’s security
  • A global standard to reassure travellers
  • Consultancy and advice on best practice for hotels

About Accreditation

GSA conducts independent, risk-based assessments on the security of hotels against a set of externally audited standards. The standards required to achieve GSA accreditation are comprehensive and include policies, procedures, equipment and level of preparedness for hotel security incidents and incursions. Our hotel certification is independently audited by SFJ Awards, a UK Regulated Awarding Organisation that provides Qualifications and Accreditation Programmes for individuals and organisations in the UK and internationally. GSA is the only independent hotel security standard to be externally audited in this way.


SFJ Awards is approved by the Qualification Regulators to provide qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. SFJ Awards understand the specific challenges around safety and security in the community and business, the Legal Sector, Local Government and the Military, enabling the organisation to develop and deliver qualifications suited to the specific needs of this sector. SFJ Awards expertise lies in the ability to create, establish and independently assess Operational Standards that objectively demonstrate how businesses, organisations and individuals are performing in any particular functional area against those Standards.


For more information on SFJ Awards, click here



Our standards are risk-based and designed to ensure consistent, appropriate level of security, having assessed the unique environment and risk profile of a hotel.

The six standards fall within three core categories:


  • Standard 1 – Maintaining security through strategic planning
  • Standard 2 – Maintaining security through management of security policies and procedures


  • Standard 3 – Maintaining security of perimeters, carparks and hotel areas
  • Standard 4 – Maintaining security using surveillance, lighting and alarm systems
  • Standard 5 – Maintaining security through access control for staff, contractors and visitors


  • Standard 6 – Maintaining security through effective management and training of staff

Hotels are assigned a GSA qualified assessor drawn from a global network of experienced former law enforcement or military professionals. All assessors are independently accredited by SFJ Awards.


The assessor completes a risk profile, unique to the hotel, that will evaluate the likelihood and impact of national, regional and local security risks.


Global Secure standard accreditation:

  • the assessor manages a hotel through a self-assessment process, undertaken remotely through a bespoke web-based software platform. To find out more, click here


Global Secure prestige accreditation:

  • the assessor undertakes all aspects of the assessment on behalf of the hotel
  • this includes a full on-site inspection. To find out more, click here


Once the assessment is complete, the hotel is recommended to SFJ Awards for accreditation, or a report with required remedial action to meet the standard is provided.  Accredited hotels receive a Global Secure Certificate of Accreditation, a detailed Accreditation Report and digital assets, including the Global Secure mark, for guest and industry communications.