Are Your Guests Confident that You are Safe to Re-Open?

Certificate of International Good Practice


  • Pandemic level hygiene and health security certification endorsed by a global awarding organisation, SFJ Awards


  • Evidence a hotel has taken all practicable steps, checks and balances to prevent a virus entering the hotel, including establishing a ‘health security perimeter’, protecting staff and delivering a safe and secure environment for guests


  • Providing guests with the assurance that the hotel environment is safe

Being able to demonstrate to guests and corporate buyers that your hotel meets best practice guidance on hygiene and health protection in the post-Covid-19 period will be very important once travel resumes. As the concern about recurring infectious diseases continues to increase, the demand for new standards will have long term implications for the hospitality industry going forward. Staff will be apprehensive to work in hotels, guests apprehensive to stay in hotels, and all will need reassurance regarding hygiene and health security standards.


The overall strategy of the COVID-19 Risk Management Audit is to provide confidence to guests that the hotel is following widely accepted best practice in taking all practicable steps to stop the virus entering the hotel, to limit any ability for a virus to spread within the hotel and has an Action Plan in the event of any suspicious health event, whilst delivering the best possible experience for guests.


Key to this strategy will be comprehensive plans for compliance with local government advice and regulation as well as internationally recognised best practice e.g. social distancing. Additionally, it will require enhanced hygiene procedures across all operations to reduce the risk of illness and prevent the spread of infection should an active COVID-19 case be identified. Robust control measures, monitoring systems and comprehensive staff training will be required, as will clear guidance for guests, suppliers, and all hotel visitors to ensure more stringent hygiene requirements are understood and complied with.

In the absence of consistent guidance, hotels are actively reviewing their existing hygiene and health protection processes to ensure effective standards at every point from arrival to departure, taking into account local circumstances. A standards framework against which any plans or protocols can be assessed and independently assured is required to give guests, corporates, and employees confidence that the plans are robust and externally assessed.


GSA and the UK regulated Awarding Organisation, are working to provide that additional assurance through independent certification which has international reach. 

The Approach

Key to a successful approach is a comprehensive plan for enhanced hygiene and health protection which incorporates well considered processes and procedures across all hotel operations to prevent the spread of infection and reduce the risk of illness, including:

  • Effective implementation of local governments’ guidance or regulations
  • Competent risk identification, control and monitoring systems led from the top down
  • Check-in to check-out process control
  • Staff training/engagement
  • Effective guidance for guests, suppliers, contractors, and visitors to support stringent hygiene requirements
  • Enhanced incident management protocols
  • Enhanced food, beverage, and amenity management
  • Rigorous back of house procedures
  • Detailed Action Plans for containment in the event of a related health incident at the premises

Our standards have three main strands:

  • Prevent COVID-19 entering the hotel by establishing a ‘health security perimeter’ around the hotel boundary
  • Advance information for guests and staff about health entry requirements for the hotel
  • Ensure staff are trained and monitored to a high standard
  • Maintain a strict and proactive hygiene regime in all areas of the hotel which recognises that no prevention mechanism is infallible and that a continuous effort is required to ensure a hygienic environment within the ‘health security perimeter’
  • Ensure effective implementation of local guidance/regulation (i.e. social distancing protocols etc.)
  • Implement an effective incident management response to a suspected case within the ‘health security perimeter’
  • Establish and maintain the policies, processes, and procedures to demonstrate to prospective users of the hotel (including guests, visitors, staff, and suppliers) that the environment is and remains safe
  • Create communication and engagement processes which gain the co-operation of users of the hotel relating to any suspected event
Our Assessment

Through a structured remote engagement with the hotel management, we seek evidence that your hotel has well-managed plans and processes to maintain the hygiene standards and operational processes likely to prevent the spread of respiratory diseases like Covid-19. We present that evidence with our expert recommendation to our regulator, SFJ Awards, for certification to provide your guests, staff, and corporate clients with independent assurance that your hotel is a safe hotel to stay.


Benefits of GSA Covid-19 Pandemic Level Hygiene and Heath Security Certification
  • Increased guest and employee confidence and assurance in the specific hygiene and health security levels required by guests, travel agents and corporate clients
  • An independent certification process by internationally recognised SFJ Awards which demonstrates how your hotel has attained an, independently validated pandemic level of hygiene and health security procedures
  • World-wide application
  • Frameworks to advise and train employees, contractors, and suppliers
  • Engage, prepare, and reassure guests


Why Choose GSA?

GSA’s remit is the security and safety of the traveler and hotel employee which includes all potential sources of harm. GSA accredits hotel security standards and certificates health and safety standards in partnership with a UK Government approved qualifications, standards and awards body which operates globally in the health and security sectors. We have used our expertise and that of our partners to develop a hygiene and health security certification standard. We have a team of health and security experts who will be pleased to give you advice on your Covid-19 preparedness and how to undertake a risk management assessment . A detailed report and plan highlighting remedial actions can also be produced on the completion of each audit for compliance and stakeholder activities.

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