About GSA

In an increasingly uncertain world, hotels remain one of the few easily accessible indoor areas. Other public areas such as airports, sports stadia, museums and train stations limit access to ticket holders or require security checks.


Global Secure Accreditation (GSA) manages and maintains an independent global standard for hotel security. The standard has been established and maintained by vastly experienced senior police officers, counter terrorism experts, military and international security experts.


GSA accreditation delivers the most comprehensive and effective standard for hotel security in the world.


Several recent high-profile incidents have thrown a sharp focus on hotel security. GSA was created to deliver a global independent security standard for the hotel industry.


In the video below GSA CEO, Dave Wood, explains why GSA was established.


GSA’s security standard is:


  • Independent: the standard has not been created by the hotel industry and is independent from hotel chains and owners. Accreditation is awarded on the basis of reaching an accepted standard of safety and security.
  • Global: GSA sets out a series of standards that a hotel needs to achieve or exceed to be accredited. A hotel with GSA accreditation has reached a recognised standard for security wherever it is in the world
  • Comprehensive: covering all relevant aspects of hotel security including analysis of a hotel’s strategic planning and procedures for security; its physical and technical security assets; interviews with key personnel, both within and outside the security function


In this video Dave Wood explains the Duty of Care that hotels have to their guests and employers have to their travelling employees.

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Benefits of GSA accredited hotels:


  • Duty of Care: businesses that ask their employees to travel are responsible for employee wellbeing. Companies choosing a GSA accredited hotel demonstrate they have considered hotel security and made a positive decision to proactively protect employees
  • Improved wellbeing: travelling can be stressful. Choosing hotels that comply to the GSA standard reassures travellers about their safety when travelling and staying in hotels.
  • Protection of property and data: criminals know travellers use hotel lounges to work. Unattended laptops and smartphones can attract criminal gangs. These are high value items containing sensitive data. By choosing a GSA accredited hotel companies can better protect against data theft.


Dave Wood outlines the reasons why corporates and high net worth individuals should choose GSA accredited hotels.

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GSA accreditation helps hotels in several ways:


  • Increased bookings: early adopters of the GSA accreditation have reported receiving additional bookings thanks to GSA accreditation
  • Reduced administration: GSA accreditation removes much of the complex administration associated with conducting an independent security audit. GSA has streamlined the auditing process to ensure working hotels are minimally impacted by the process of becoming accredited to the GSA standard
  • Access to best practice: GSA accredited hotels have access to a wealth of information on security best practice. This includes regularly updated risk intelligence reports relevant to their property as well as a network of other hotels to discuss security standards



In this video Dave Wood discusses some of the benefits that hotels can experience from GSA accreditation.

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