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Global Secure is a collaborative enterprise, designed to keep people as safe as possible by working with hotels, corporate travel managers, hotel industry experts and global security partners to continually review security standards and developments.

Membership of Global Secure provides access to a community of fellow hotel professionals and security specialists dedicated to improving hotel security.


At Global Secure we believe that it is critical that worldwide hotel security standards are as measurable as other high levels of service provided by the hotel industry.

While many hotels have good levels of security, this investment goes unrecognised because clients cannot identify those who have put in place well considered, appropriate and effective security arrangements.

A Global Secure Accreditation award enables hotels to secure greater benefits from their investment in security and enable business travellers and corporate travel managers to make more informed choices about their safety.



Having previously managed national and international security operations at the highest levels, the founders of Global Secure carried out an analysis of hotel security worldwide.

They identified a lack of common, consistently applied standards, significant variations in competency, inadequate risk and threat assessment procedures and patchy collaboration on security across the industry.

These findings led to the development of a unique worldwide accreditation system for hotel security, comprising of three categories and six rigorous hotel security standards.

“Having travelled globally countless times, often being required to move due to security risks and concerns, I wish that I could have had the advantage and assurance that we are now able to provide travellers with.”

Les Owen,
Director of Services

“Global Secure Accreditation provides consistent standards for hotel security globally, giving travel managers confidence that accredited hotels provide the level of security required for their travellers.”

Simon Crane,
Director of Operations

“Focusing bespoke open source intelligence resources uniquely on hotels and working collaboratively together with the industry means that we can proactively prepare for the risks and threats of tomorrow, today.”

Jennifer Roderick, 
Director of Intelligence