GSA For Corporates


When employees are required to travel for work, employers have a duty of care to ensure that the hotels they select for their employees are safe. How each corporate achieves this is different, often depending on the size of the group travelling, the length of trip, the frequency of visit and a number of variables and factors. But imagine if the factors didn’t matter. Imagine if all of the hotels used by your company had been assessed to the same, consistent high standards regardless of size, location or risk profile.  No longer would corporates be required to seek assurance based on a safety self assessment through a simple questionnaires.  No longer would corporates be required to hire in-country security ‘experts’ to conduct a local audit under unregulated standards by individuals with unknown capability and allegiances.

This is likely to be endorsed in a new ISO Travel Security standard due to be published in early 2020.


As a corporate travel risk manager, you are seeking to ensure your organisation discharges its duty of care to staff travelling on business. Global Secure Accreditation provides a range of benefits:

Simplified Processes

GSA provides a simple mechanism to meet client security requirements with reduced costs of validating security requirements through procurement questionnaires or security visits

Accredited Standards

A rigorous, formally accredited standard developed by security experts in partnership with the hospitality industry.

Consistent Standard

A consistent standard applied world-wide by trained and accredited expert assessors

Security Competence

A Global Secure Accreditation is recognisable marque of security competence developed by people with experience at the highest level of policing, protective security and counter terrorism

ISO 31030

Designed to be compliant with ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Standard due in 2020


GSA can add bespoke checks for ‘safety’ elements to the assessment process if required by corporate clients