Elevated Risk Countries

Global travel can often required travellers to visit locations which pose an increased risk to individuals. Hotels located in countries with a high or elevated travel risk (HoETR) profile, may require additional country-specific accreditation standards, such as standards relating to perimeter security, luggage screening, armed guarding, blast protection and enhanced search regimes.

GSA Solution

To identify the need, if any, for additional standards in a HoETR country, GSA will prepare detailed country profiles, which will include government security risk advice, open source intelligence and sentiment assessments, geo-political analysis and infrastructure assessment.

GSA will also deploy specialist assessors to the specified HoETR countries to conduct an in-country assessment of security risks and infrastructure capabilities, to further develop the country profiles.

The completed HoETR country profiles will allow GSA to produce additional accreditation standards where necessary. The additional HoETR country-specific standards will be submitted to SFJ Awards (SFJ), the independent awarding body, for approval, prior to inclusion on the GSA software platform.

Once approved the hotels in the HoETR countries will be assessed against the enhanced accreditation standards, following the assessment processes above, by specialist GSA assessors.