Mission Statement:

Our business was born from a passion for traveller safety and security and our business aims to actively contribute to being a force for good – not only in the travel and hospitality industry but across wider communities.

In 2021, the business was expanded at the request of UK Government to support the public sector by providing highly skilled training crisis managers and key resource operatives.

For these reasons GSA is committed to being a responsible organisation that makes a positive contribution to the environment, society and good governance.



GSA works closely with global accommodation providers to ensure they can deliver the highest standards of safety and security for guests and staff.

Our goal is to contribute to a safer and more secure travel and hospitality industry for all involved.  We enable accommodation providers to demonstrate high levels of proportionate safety and security to guests, travel management companies and corporate travel managers responsible for sourcing accommodation. This helps provide peace of mind to staff and guests and reduce risk, danger and stress.

By demonstrating a commitment to high levels of safety and security, accommodation providers can demonstrate a reasonable duty of care aligned to global ISO 31030 travel risk management guidance.

Within the GSA Group, we also provide rapid deployment of a predominantly ex-police or ex-military workforce to government departments or private sector organisations to fill a gap for highly skilled, trained investigators, security managers, crisis or risk mangers or key resource operatives with UK Government vetting clearance. The teams can be ready to deploy within days and provide entire solution capabilities with experienced management structures in place to support areas of crisis within the public sector.


Reporting / Measurements:


We are committed to responsible use of the earth’s resources as part of our daily business goals. We recognise the importance of using scarce resources responsibly and contributing to a circular economy. We aim to operate sustainably and support our clients to fulfil their own sustainability goals.

  • We recycle office equipment and waste
  • We strive to minimise our carbon footprint by (i) actively encouraging client to choose a virtual security accommodation assessment and (ii) encouraging remote working where possible.


  1. Recycling
  2. Carbon Footprint



We are dedicated to creating a safe and fair working environment where our people thrive.  We look to deliver a healthy working environment to our employees and contribute to our local communities, ensuring they too benefit from our success.


  • We work in a skill-based environment.  We ensure that all GSA employees are treated equally and all employees including all new personnel, are provided with full induction and training
  • We are a diverse and inclusive organisation that does not discriminate in the employment of our colleagues. We promote the health and wellbeing of our employees and offer a positive and inclusive working environment
  • We review our partner companies to ensure they also reflect our values and align to our goals
  • We are a data-driven organisation that has implemented strong internal security processes and systems to ensure the protection of employee and customer data against breaches.
  • We aim to positively contribute to our community locally, nationally and globally


  1. People Investment
  2. Data Protection
  3. Philanthropy & Community
  4. Responsible contracts



We strive to foster a reputation for trustworthy leadership, with decision-making policies that are built on a positive ethical and moral position that promotes sustainability, wellbeing and inclusion within our organisation.

  • We are transparent about pay and gender gaps and have implemented structure and oversight
  • We carry out monthly business and financial reporting and have implemented transparent decision making
  • We listen to our people and help them contribute to the future direction of the business


  • Diversity of Board and Executive
  • Transparency on accounting results and methods
  • The presence of a formal ESG policy
  • Open and transparent communication with employees, including the ability to communicate directly with the senior leadership team