GSA For Hotels


Conferences, meetings, business travel, dinner, leisure, holiday, or relaxation. Whatever the reason for an individuals’ visit to a hotel, ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all guests, visitors, and staff is an essential part of the operations of any hotel. 

However, while many hotels have good levels of security, the approach, execution and implementation of policies and practises is not always consistent or proportionate to their risk environment. Additionally, measures to protect guests are often discrete, meaning that investment in security regularly goes unrecognised. Travellers are often unable to identify which hotels have put in place well considered, appropriate and effective security arrangements versus those who have not. 

At Global Secure, we believe that it is important that worldwide hotel security standards are as measurable and accountable as other high levels of service provided within hotels.

not just a tick box review

Global Secure Accreditation is the world’s first truly independent standard and assessment system for hotel security.

Created in partnership with SFJ Awards, a UK Government (Ofqual) approved standards awarding organisation, our standards and assessment processes are independently overseen and regulated in order to deliver impartial, consistent, and reliable high-level security assurance.

Our standards are risk-based and are designed to ensure a consistent, appropriate level of security, having taken the unique environment and risk profile of each individual hotel into account.

To become a Global Secure accredited hotel, hoteliers have a choice of two membership levels:

  • Access to an online risk-based assessment
  • Independent accreditation by SFJ Awards including a certificate of accreditation and Accreditation Report
  • Access to quarterly hotel security updates and newsletters

​The assessment and accreditation are only part of the Global Secure journey for a Prestige Member.

  • A full on-site risk-based assessment conducted by a GSA assessor. We do the paperwork for you!
  •  Independent accreditation by SFJ Awards including a certificate of accreditation and Accreditation Report
  • One-year’s subscription to the Global Secure Community including:
    • Near real-time security incident alerts, reports and expert analysis sent direct to your inbox
    • Access to the GSA hotel security forum
    • Access to the GSA anonymised incident reporting system
    • Access to online role-specific security training software for hotel staff
    • Access to best practise and guidance
    • Access to GSA approved security contractors and providers (including discounts!)
    • Access to crisis management packages
    • And much, much more…

After selecting the most suitable level of membership, each hotel is assigned a dedicated, independently accredited, assessor drawn from our global network of experienced former law enforcement or military professionals.


A Global Secure Accreditation provides a range of benefits to hotels including:


In a crowded market, a Global Secure Accreditation provides clients and guests with knowledge of the enhanced duty of care taken by the hotel


Internal assurance that you have a competent and responsible approach to security and continuous improvement in addition to providing assurance to guests and clients.

Security Competence

A Global Secure Accreditation is recognisable marque of security competence allowing clients and guests to make informed decisions easily.

Security Reports

Distributable materials that can be provided to clients and guests which highlights the active measures taken by a hotel

Simplified Processes

Simplified bidding processes for corporate business and a reduced requirement for questionnaires and security visits


Access to a community of interested security professionals and like-minded hotel management professionals