Our People


Established and operated by highly experienced former senior UK police officers, counter terrorism specialists, UK military and international security experts, Global Secure is dedicated to providing the highest levels of professional service and advice for our members.

Dave Wood
Chief Executive Officer

David served for 31 years with the British Police Service, rising to the rank of Deputy Assistant Commissioner. He specialised in combating organised crime, anti-corruption and intelligence operations.
David was the founding Executive Director for the Police Ombudsman in Northern Ireland, as well as the CEO of the Office of Criminal Justice reform in the UK Government. In 2013 he became the Director General of the Department for Immigration Enforcement.

Bob QUick
Executive Director

Bob served for 32 years in the British Police Service, becoming Chief Constable of Surrey and the UK Policing lead at New Scotland Yard for Counter Terrorism. He oversaw the investigations into some of the most complex terrorism cases in the UK.
Bob was also responsible for the protection of the British Royal Family, Prime Minister, Cabinet and the security of the UK diplomatic community and visiting Heads of State.

Salvatore Fernandez
HEad of Advisory Group

Salvatore has thirty years experience in the hospitality industry and a proven track record of personally and successfully owning his own restaurants and managing hotels for many hotel groups. Having been a General Manager and Managing Director, Salvatore appreciates the demands and pressures of running a successful hospitality business For the last 10 years, Salvatore has been the Managing Partner at Antal International.


Chris Phillips
technical director

After 30 years policing service Chris Phillips is now a consultant, speaker and recognised Counter Terrorism and Security expert.

As former Head of the UK’s National Counter Terrorism Security Office Chris had the responsibility of working with the Hotel industry to develop and distribute Counter Terrorism Security best practice advice. In 2018/2019 he wrote security best practice and crisis management guides for hotels and other crowded place sectors.



Nick hawkins
director of sales & marketing

After leaving the Police Service in 1990, Nick has spent the last 29 years focussing on the IT&T sectors, security and SAAS. He has been involved in several early stage businesses and set up MessageLabs in Asia Pacific in 2000. In 2012, he ran the EMEA business for Trustwave, a leading global cybersecurity and managed security services provider. Between 2015 to 2018, Nick headed up the EMEA business for Everbridge,  a critical event management platform.

Simon Crane
Director of Operations

Simon has over 30 years experience in law enforcement with operational experience across a variety of sectors.  Simon has a high level of tactical experience and risk management whilst running operations in fast moving, high risk situations nationally and internationally.

Simon is responsible for the development of risk standards and assessments with oversight from SFJ in addition to the training, supervision, and oversight for all assessors both domestically and internationally.


Jennifer ROderick
Director of Intelligence

Jennifer is an intelligence specialist with diverse experience across the academic, military, policy and commercial sectors. Following her service as an Aerospace Battle Manager in the Royal Air Force, Jennifer operated at the nexus of science, technology, and security in Washington DC as the security lead for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Returning to the UK, Jennifer led OSINT research at King’s College University before establishing the intelligence capacity for a financial due diligence company.


Global Secure Assessors are drawn from our global network of experienced former law enforcement and military professionals. All Assessors are hand selected for their proven professionalism and experience, and all are trained by the core Global Secure Team.

GSA employ two levels of assessor, standard and specialist, standard assessors and specialist assessors who operate in high or elevated travel risk countries (HoETR countries). All assessors are established security experts with policing, military or specialist security backgrounds.

All assessors undertake the bespoke GSA training course, which has been accredited by SFJ Awards. The course comprises of a classroom-based training phase, introducing the assessors to the accreditation standards and processes, followed by a managed assessment, supervised by an accredited assessor. The managed assessment allows for a review of the assessor’s practical assessment skills and their ability to turn that assessment into a full written accreditation report.

The managed assessment is then independently assessed by SFJ Awards and, if it meets their criteria, the assessor is accredited. The assessor is then able to undertake independent assessments on behalf of GSA.

Specialist assessors undertake an additional classroom-based training phase to prepare them for undertaking assessments in HoETR countries. This training is delivered by former UK Special Forces members, experienced in operating in such environments.

The intelligence team at Global Secure are highly experienced investigators and analysts who work with state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to ensure that relevant information is identified, analysed and distributed to members.