Services for Corporates

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We offer a range of services for corporates and those responsible for business travel.


These include training to help best practice in travel risk management, guidance that helps resolve specific travel management issues and up to date advice on optimising employee travel wellbeing.


Our primary services are:


Need to know more about best practice for mitigating corporate travel risk?

We offer training programmes for corporates looking to enhance their understanding of ISO 31030, including:

  • An online learning module that builds a basic understanding of ISO 31030
  • A virtual bootcamp that provides the tools to create a robust travel risk management system that complies with the new ISO 31030 standard
  • Guidance on strengthening existing TRM policies in line with ISO 31030

Are your travel risk management policies and processes up to scratch?

Our auditors can assess the strength of your travel risk management policies, helping you:

  • Analyse your current travel risk management policies and procedures
  • Provide a report with a checklist of actions required to meet ISO 31030
  • Review your travel risk management policies, interview key personnel and provide an audit of ISO 31030 compliance

Need specific guidance on travel risk management issues?

We can help you better understand the areas of travel risk management that matter most to you via:

  • Integrating travel risk management procedures into wider risk management structures
  • Preparation for last-minute corporate trips and up to the minute advice on travel risk
  • Bespoke, company-wide training sessions to deliver good practice

Do you have an approved list of corporate accommodation providers and partners?  We can help you ensure that every provider is delivering high levels of security and safety by:

  • Offering support on suitable RFP programmes to ensure high levels of safety and security
  • Accrediting all your approved accommodation, saving you time and money
  • Helping to find secure corporate accommodation anywhere in the world

We work directly with organisations to help them understand their responsibilities and select accommodation which has been assessed in accordance with the ISO 31030 standard.