When you travel by road, rail or air, many aspects of your safety and security are subject to regulations, independent oversight or inspection. Security at many traveller destinations such as airports, public venues and places of entertainment are similarly subject to regulation or independent investigation. However hotels are not generally subject to formal external evaluations or independent inspection to maintain adequate security. Therefore, it is difficult for travellers and those responsible for corporate travel, to determine if a hotel maintains appropriate security.

The solution

GSA conducts risk-based assessments of the security at hotels against a set of accreditation standards. These accreditation standards have been independently endorsed by a UK government (OFQUAL) approved standards body, Skills for Justice (SFJ) Awards. SFJ work with the British Police Service, the UK Military and Justice Organisations to set standards and provide external quality assurance to the GSA assessment process to ensure the highest levels of integrity and confidence in these standards.

The Global Secure Standards, which are required to achieve a hotel security accreditation, are not just a ‘tick box’ exercise, but a comprehensive security assessment that includes policies, procedures, equipment and level of preparedness for a variety of hotel security incidents and incursions.


Our standards are risk-based and are designed to ensure a consistent, appropriate level of security, having taken into account the unique environment and risk profile of each individual hotel.

The six standards fall within three core categories of hotel security:

Strategic Planning, Policy and Procedure

Standard 1 – Maintaining security through strategic security planning

Standard 2 – Maintaining security through the effective management of security policies and procedures

Physical and Technical Security

Standard 3 – Maintaining the security of perimeters, carparks and hotel areas

Standard 4 – Maintaining security using surveillance, lighting and alarm systems

Standard 5 – Maintaining security through the control of access for staff, contractors and visitors to hotel areas


Standard 6 – Maintaining security through the effective management and training of staff


At the start of the process, each participating hotel is assigned a dedicated GSA trained and qualified assessor drawn from our global network of experienced former law enforcement or military professionals. All of our assessors are also independently accredited by SFJ Awards.

The assessor will complete a risk profile, unique to the hotel, that will evaluate the likelihood and impact of national, regional and local security risks.

Then, depending on the level of membership  the client chooses, the assessor will either manage the hotel through a self-assessment process, undertaken remotely through our bespoke web-based software platform, or the assessor will undertake the assessment on behalf of the hotel, including a full on-site inspection.

Oncethe assessment is complete, the hotel is either recommended to SFJ Awards for accreditation, or a plan for remedial action is agreed with the hotel to meet the required standard.

Successful hotels will receive a Global Secure Certificate of Accreditation, a detailed Accreditation Report and digital assets, including the Global Secure mark, for guest and industry communications.