Travel Management Companies (TMCs)

TMCs need to provide comprehensive information to businesses about the security and safety of the hotels they are recommending.  This is a critical part of a company’s duty of care to its employees.


To date the only way for TMCs to query the security of a hotel was via hotel self-certification or expensive visits from security teams. Both options lack independence and consistency.


These issues have been a driving force behind a new ISO Travel Security standard, ISO 31030, which is due to be published in 2020. This ISO standard requires organisations to seek independent confirmation of the security standards of hotels.


GSA have developed global independent hotel security standards that are risk-based. TMAs can adopt the GSA accreditation standard.

Through TMCs RFP Process


A requirement for GSA accreditation can be incorporated into RFP processes. Hotels are required to meet the standards to enter the procurement process. This would be at a cost to the hotel rather than a TMC.

Through a Bespoke assessment


GSA can provide consistent safety and security assessment services for TMCs. This can be conducted remotely or on-site. GSA can provide access to hotel security reports on hotels that have already been assessed.

Remote assessment


GSA can conduct a remote security assessment. This includes comprehensive hotel research (including risk assessment) and interactive engagement with the hotel. The hotel must provide evidence to support its policies and procedures.




GSA provides a simple and consistent process to assess security requirements with reduced costs of validating security requirements for TMCs.



In a crowded market, a GSA accreditation provides corporate clients with reassurance that a TMC implements enhanced duty of care.



A consistent global standard applied by trained and accredited expert assessors and backed by independent assessment.



GSA is a marque for security competence developed a team with experience at the highest level of policing, protective security and counter terrorism.


ISO 31030

The GSA accreditation is designed to be compliant with the requirements of ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Standard due in 2020.



GSA can add bespoke checks for specific security elements to the assessment process if required by TMCs or their clients.

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