GSA For Travel Management Companies


Ever been asked by a client about the security of a selected hotel or which hotel in a particular area is safest?

How many Request for Proposals (RFPs) with security questions has your company sent out to hotels this year alone?

As media relating to hotel incidents, whether criminal, terrorist, cyber or safety, continue to fill our news feeds,Travel Management Companies (TMCs) are regularly being required to provide reassurance regarding safety and security to clients and to meet their own duty of care.

What can you, as a TMC, do? More often than not the only way to query the security of a hotel is through questionnaires sent to the hotel who then ‘self-certify’ their security standards or through an expensive visit from a security team. Both options present inherent weaknesses, as they lack independence or consistency globally.

These problems, amongst others, have been the driving force behind the new ISO Travel Security standard, ISO 31030, which is due to be published in early 2020. This ISO is expected to tackle and require organisations to seek independent confirmation regarding the safety standards of hotels rather than trust in self-certification.

THE Global secure way

GSA have developed accredited hotel security standards which are risk-based, independently accredited, and offer a high level of reassurance for TMC clients.

Adoption of GSA processes, standards and accreditations within TMCs can take place through a number of means:

A requirement for Global Secure accreditation can be incorporated into your RFP processes where hotels would be required to meet accreditation standards in order to be able to enter the procurement process. This would be at a cost to the hotel rather than the TMC.

Outside of the formal accreditation offering, GSA also can provide consistent safety and security assessment services for TMCs and their clients dependent on their clients need and budget. This can be conducted remotely or through on-site assessment in order to meet the client’s specific assurance needs. A bespoke assessment subscription additionally provides access to a bank of low-cost hotel security assessment reports on hotels already assessed.

Conducted remotely to include comprehensive open source research in collaboration with an interactive engagement with the hotel, raising security questions, seeking responses and evidence in support of the answers supplied. An accredited assessor will consider responses and raise further questions, or seek further evidence as required. We conduct the assessment bespoke to the requirements of the client, taking into consideration all additional and required elements. These assessments can be scaled in order to meet the timescale restraints or budget of the client.

Comprehensive open source research will provide the foundation to the bespoke on-site assessment conducted by an experienced assessor. Again, whilst the client may request bespoke elements to be considered, the security standards will be conducted consistently in accordance with the risk environment identified.


Simplified Processes

GSA provides a simple mechanism to meet client security requirements with reduced costs of validating security requirements through procurement questionnaires or security visits


In a crowded TMC market, a Global Secure Accreditation provides clients with knowledge that your TMC implements an enhanced duty of care.

Consistent Standard

A consistent standard applied world-wide by trained and accredited expert assessors

Security Competence

A Global Secure Accreditation is recognisable marque of security competence developed by people with experience at the highest level of policing, protective security and counter terrorism

ISO 31030

Designed to be compliant with ISO 31030 Travel Risk Management Standard due in 2020


GSA can add bespoke checks for ‘safety’ elements to the assessment process if required by corporate clients