Our Work – HSBC

Learn how we helped HSBC with its corporate hotel programme.

About Us

GSA CEO, Dave Wood, explains why GSA was established.

Duty of care

Dave Wood, GSA CEO, explains the Duty of Care that hotels have to their guests and employers have to their travelling employees.

For Hotels

GSA CEO, Dave Wood outlines the reasons why corporates and high net worth individuals should choose GSA accredited hotels.

GSA Benefits

Dave Wood, GSA CEO, discusses some of the benefits that hotels can experience from GSA accreditation.


Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, explains how GSA came to launch a global accreditation standard for hotels.


Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, believes the mindset of hotel guests to security is changing.


Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, asks how seriously the hotel industry takes security.


Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, explains the importance of a consistency of security standards for hotels.

GSA Standard

Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, explains more about the GSA hotel security standard.

A Lottery

Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, questions whether it is possible to know for certain the security of a hotel.


Bob Quick, GSA Executive Director, on how a hotel brand is impacted by security concerns.

The Future

Bob Quick, Executive Director of GSA, outlines his view of the future of hotel security.

GSA Webinar

GSA hosted a webinar for the hospitality industry focussing on some of the most important considerations for hotels in the challenging post-Covid environment.

GSA ISO 31030 Webinar

Watch a recording of the GSA/Continuity Forum webinar to find out how the new ISO 31030 standard will impact corporate travel risk management.

The power of hello

Find out how simply greeting guests can help ensure high levels of security and safety in the hotel environment.

Knowing your normal

Discover how hotels can simply identify what is normal and use this to quickly understand risk management.